How whistleblowers could be a valuable asset to your organisation, and why you should really encourage them

With the participation of Howard Whitton (The Ethicos Group), Mike Baker (The Ethicos Group), and Charles Boulo (Whispli)

It wasn’t so long ago that “whistleblower” was a negative term used to label someone who reported on wrongdoing involving their employer or a co-worker. Whistleblowers were often seen as disloyal, troublemakers, or worse.

That is no longer the case. Whistleblowers are increasingly being valued in Australian business as they play an important role in recognising and reporting violations of law, misconduct, and harm to consumers and the community.

This event is intended to assist organisations to recognise how it is in their best interests to comply with prevailing Whistleblower legislation, and to encourage and support those who report wrongdoing in good faith, by ensuring that whistleblowers are seen – in practice – as an integral asset in reducing risk, while maintaining an organisation’s integrity and business reputation.

The Speakers

Howard Whitton is an Ethics and Integrity specialist with extensive experience in Public Sector Ethics, Conflict of Interests, Codes of Conduct, Corruption Prevention, and Whistleblower Protection, in Australia public services and internationally. He is a founding Director of The Ethicos Group, a specialist consultancy firm.

Mike Baker (Special Adviser, The Ethicos Group) is a business ethicist and former Director of Ethics and Compliance with the Australian subsidiary of a multi-national company. In that role he was responsible for resolving ethical dilemmas, maintaining a confidential reporting process to enable employees to raise ethics concerns without fear of retribution, investigating violations of the company’s
standards of business conduct and recommending corrective action to in-house Legal Counsel

Charles BouloCharles has over 10+years’ of experience in the technology and SaaS sector. Witnessing the rapid change in technologies around us, he has advised many clients on how to best leverage & implement SaaS technology to improve existing processes and challenge the status quo. He recently joined Whispli and has been working closely with clients to successfully leverage Whispli to foster a speak-up culture and effectively identify risks related to misconduct.

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