In Process

EU Whistleblowing Directive – Spain 

“Protección de las personas que
informen sobre infracciones del derecho de la Unión”


Whistleblowers protection already in place

The protection of Whistleblower is currently very limited in Spain. There is no uniform legislation in place, and people blowing the whistle in the workplace are exposed to all kinds of retaliation.

Current implementation status

In June 2020, Congress voted against a bill aiming to transpose the EU Directive into national law with an anti-corruption proposal. Considered insufficient and “opportunistic”, the majority voted against the proposal, leaving Spain with the task to introduce stronger Whistleblowing protection into national law before December 2021.

Following this, an open letter requesting a transparent and inclusive process was sent to the Ministry of Justice by more than 15 civil society organizations. This initiative has for ambition to achieve an ambitious and responsible transposition of the EU Directive by including the voices of whistleblowers who experienced retaliation. 

The public consultation of this draft law was open until January 2021.

Next steps

The Government has to process the draft law for approval, which was not given yet.

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