In Process

Whistleblowers protection already in place

Bulgaria doesn’t have a comprehensive legal framework for whistleblowing protection. The Bulgarian legislation covering whistleblowing matters is spreaded accross different laws.

Current implementation status

Instead of amending the current legislation with the requirements of the Directive, or to implement a separate dedicated law, the Bulgarian government decided to embed Whistleblowing Protection into an anti-corruption strategy.

The strategy draft has been adopted by the Council of Ministry in March 2021.

Following this, it has been decided that a separate dedicated law for whistleblowing should be drafted by the official deadline of implementation of the Directive. The key points of this legislation are to broaden the requirements of the Directive to cover breaches of national law, and to establish new reporting channels accross several competent authorities.

The draft law as been subject to a public consultation in September 2021, and opinions on the bill have been made public in November 2021.

Next steps

The final draft for the law proposal remains to be available.

In anticipation, you can evaluate your reporting system in place and highlight areas of improvement with our self-assessment template.

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Whistleblowing Assessment Template