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Covert Bullying in Schools: What Gen Z Faces In The Schoolyard

Covert Bullying Cyber Bullying Whispli

What do you think about when you imagine schoolyard bullying?  Verbal abuse and insults, public humiliation, aggression, threats, physical attacks? Generally, when adults and parents think about school bullying, we think about the types that we witnessed or were victims of when we were children.  Mostly when we were at school the bullying that we […]

Westpac Business of Tomorrow – Whispli

Westpac Business of Tomorrow Whispli Whistleblowing

Westpac has announced who has been selected as the 200 Businesses of Tomorrow. ???? We are proud to announce that Whispli has been selected as one of the inaugural recipients. The team at Whispli works tirelessly to improve our platform to ensure that it is adaptable, resilient and capable of making real change. Our mission Whispli was originally […]