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How It Works

Whispli is a trusted and independent tool enabling you to create
your safe space to speak up to your organization.
Using Whispli, you will remain truly anonymous towards your organization.

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1. Create your Safe Inbox

Whispli is your safe Inbox where you can remain anonymous.*
Send information to your organization or ask them questions you wouldn’t feel comfortable asking otherwise.

  • Centralize all your difficult conversations in one place
  • Follow up easily
  • Stay anonymous

*If permitted by the organization you communicate with

Creating your Whispli Inbox allows you to send Whispers anonymously to your organization. This way, you can stay in touch with a Case Manager from your organisation and follow up on your Report – while remaining in control of your identity.

Never. Your username will never be disclosed to your Organization. You will know at all times what they can see and what they can’t. If provided, your email will only be used if you forget your username or password. Your Organization will only see a system-generated username like “Lime Guitar”, “Pie Sky”, “Blue Kangaroo”, etc.

No, your IP address is deleted every single time and never stored on our servers or logs. We also use high-grade AES256 encryption to protect your data. We recommend you to use private browsing mode, a VPN and/or TOR browser.

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2. Send your report

Once you feel comfortable about your Report, you can decide to send it to your Organization.

  • Save as a draft and continue later
  • Attach evidence, if any
  • Review before sending

– At your Organization, only nominated Case Managers can have access to your Report, investigate it and act upon it.
– At Whispli, we simply can not access your Whisper. We are just an independent software enabling individuals to speak up safely and anonymously. Read more about our story.


Anything you want. From asking a simple question to sharing super sensitive information, Whispli is just a way for you to come forward and have the answers you deserve from your organization.

No, your IP address is deleted every single time and never stored on our servers or logs. We also use high-grade AES256 encryption to protect your data. We recommend you to use private browsing mode, a VPN and/or TOR browser.


3. Follow up on your Report

A Case Manager from your Organization will receive your Report and will start a two-way communication with you.

  • Chat live with a Case Manager
  • Stay in control of your identity
  • Share additional evidence if you feel comfortable

Yes, with Whispli you remain anonymous* unless you choose to disclose your identity. When you discuss with someone via your Safe Inbox, Case Managers can not identify you – unless you decide to disclose your identity. You will be given a randomly generated username and your IP address will be deleted.

*If permitted by the Organization you communicate with.

If you haven’t shared your email address, you will need to log back in your Whispli Inbox regularly to check if you received new messages from your Organization.

The optional email address you may have provided at the creation of your Whispli Safe Inbox will only be used if you forgot your username / password. Once in your Inbox, you can decide in Settings to use this e-mail to receive e-mail notifications when Case Managers send you new updates.

With Whispli, you are safe and completely in control of your identity. It is however completely up to you to disclose your identity if you feel comfortable. Whispli will never share anything without your consent.

Also, if you send another Report later from your Safe Inbox, you can decide to disclose your identity this time. Your organization does not know that your Reports come from the same person or inbox – therefore, your other anonymous Reports cannot be linked. For each Report, a system-generated username is given to your Organization.

Please note that it is up to your Organization to allow anonymous reporting. Your Organization can also decide to make it mandatory to share your identity. In this case, it will be translated as a required field to complete in your reporting form.

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Any questions?

We’re independent from your Organization and our team is here to help you feel safe.

Check out our Frequent Asked Questions .

If you can’t find the answer to your question, feel free to email us at [email protected]
or message us via our Live Chat.

Please note that we can’t always ensure the privacy or confidentiality of information sent over email, so please use discretion with what you choose to share.