Your speak up platform’s success starts here

Communicate efficiently about whistleblowing in your organization


Inform your staff in a fun and reassuring way

Remind them regularly how they can speak up

Make sure they know where to find the platform

Support your whistleblowing platform with a high quality communication kit

Our high quality communication kit guarantees the success of your whistleblowing platform. Whispli provides all the resources you need to communicate efficiently and regularly about your whistleblowing platform and lift the obstacles your employees and third parties may face when they need to report.

Get rid of obstacles and barriers to successfully run your whistleblowing program

The video kit removes all the common challenges many encounter when managing a Whistleblowing platform.

The Whispli communication kit addresses all your challenges


You had great engagement initially but find it difficult to maintain interest. Gradually, people forgot there is a platform at their disposal.


With a toolbox of resources in various formats, you have content you can use regularly to remind them about Whispli: social media posts, gifs, posters, email signatures.


Your employees are constantly reminded about the platform and will automatically use it when they need to report an incident.


Employees and third parties visit your landing page but you still don’t get any reports. They may not feel confident enough about the platform. They may not be aware that they can be anonymous and will be able to follow up on their reports.


The video provides information about the informant journey; they know that:

  • They can start a report but not send it right away
  • They can be anonymous
  • They will be able to follow up

The other resources in the kit can be leveraged to communicate around specific issues (anonymity, security, etc.)


Your employees are reassured that they will be protected and can safely report.


Your platform is used by employees who complain about lack of salary raises or promotions, etc.


The video details the various types of misconduct that can be reported. A leaflet can be provided with the various categories of whistleblowing you want to include in your SpeakUp platform. Social media posts can be shared regularly to inform on specific categories (Conflict of Interest, Corruption, Bullying, etc.)


You only receive relevant reports.

Introduction Video

Whispli commissioned a top motion design agency to create a high-quality video for your program. The video introduces the platform in a warm and reassuring way. 

It is already available in 3 languages: English, Spanish & French with or without subtitles. 

More languages and/or subtitles can be added.

Image Bank

Leverage the image bank with the characters and situations from the video for Communications Teams, and create custom materials.

Communication Templates

Whispli provides templates for common communications materials: posters, leaflets, business cards, email signatures, social media posts, etc.

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