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Our whistleblowing resources for schools & universities help provide you with insight into into how you can plan and execute your whistleblower program. From putting together a strategy, setting up your program, and communicating it to students and staff, Whispli has you covered.

Why Universities Need More Than A Whistleblowing Hotline (And 4 Steps To Help)

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Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google, Uber, Deliveroo, Amazon, Netflix – the list of apps we use in our lives continues to grow. You can make a trip, order your dinner, watch a movie, and interact with your friends without ever speaking with someone. Students at schools, universities, and colleges throughout the world have grown up with […]

Covert Bullying in Schools: What Gen Z Faces In The Schoolyard

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What do you think about when you imagine schoolyard bullying?  Verbal abuse and insults, public humiliation, aggression, threats, physical attacks? Generally, when adults and parents think about school bullying, we think about the types that we witnessed or were victims of when we were children.  Mostly when we were at school the bullying that we […]