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How To Write A Whistleblowing Policy & Downloadable Template

Whispli Whistleblowing Policy Template

Companies are increasingly putting whistleblowing policies and guidelines in place.  It’s a great initiative, but where do you start?  For many organisations, it’s a new process and they are writing a whistleblowing policy for the first time.  Our goal is to help you understand what are the best practices in writing a whistleblowing policy. We’ll […]

6 Benefits Of An Online Whistleblower Platform: Financial Services & Banking

Whispli Banking Financial Services Whistleblowing

Financial services was one of the first industries to put whistleblower policies in place. It’s a heavily regulated, high-pressure industry dealing with large sums of money. When misconduct happens its high profile and these reasons created the need for employees to be able to report misconduct.   Many of these whistleblower policies were effective on […]

Why The Whistleblower's Journey Is Important (And How To Improve It)

Whispli Whistleblower's Journey

When an employee makes a whistleblowing report, it’s a harrowing experience. From deciding to make a report to actually submitting it, the whistleblower’s journey is filled with stress. This uncertainty holds employees back from whistleblowing, which leaves risk and blinds spots in place. As more organisations establish whistleblower policy programs, it’s crucial they think about […]

Digital Anonymity: Pros & Cons

Recently, Australian public servants and staffers for politicians have come under the microscope of journalists after it was discovered that some of these individuals have been anonymously editing Wikipedia posts to remove embarrassing information or to defame. ⤷ Fairfax Media has found that close to 9000 pages have been anonymously edited by staff from major […]