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6 Steps To Make Your Whistleblower Program Truly Anonymous

anonymous whistleblower program whispli

The most crucial part of an anonymous whistleblowing program is ensuring it’s “anonymous”. It’s proven that whistleblowers identify misconduct better than internal audits or external reviews. But how do you convince employees that it is truly anonymous?  You can easily say your whistleblower program is anonymous, but many employees need to see and hear more […]

Australia’s Whistleblowing Legislation: 7 Things Businesses Need To Know

Australia Whispli Whistleblower Legislation

There is pending whistleblower legislation in the Australian Parliament providing for a single whistleblower protection regime. This legislation is similar to those passed in other countries like the US and France. The goal is to provide more protection for whistleblowers by better defining these protections and who is protected. Why should you read this article? […]

Planning Your Whistleblower Program: 7 Questions To Ask

Whispli Whistleblower 7 Questions You Should Ask

Organisations are increasingly realising they can’t be reactive when it comes to misconduct and unethical behaviour. Whether issues have surfaced, regulation is dictating it, or they are planning ahead, more organisations are taking action. They are now providing the ability for employees, stakeholders, and customers to anonymously report misconduct through their whistleblower program. As you […]