Whistleblowing In Procurement

In recent years with the adoption of more digital platforms to aid the procurement process, we hear from many procurement professionals about the lack of visibility throughout the process. ⤷  Collusion, Cartel and Kickbacks are common in procurement.  20% of all spending by organisations is unmanned and often un-contracted, and so at risk of procurement fraud, […]

Tips For Running An Internal Whistleblower Investigation

Many organisations believe that once they have written a code of ethics & conduct, and made it accessible on their intranet, that the job is done.  ❌ This could not be further from the truth. There are many reasons why an internal investigation needs to take place – fraud, HR, corruption, safety concerns etc.   […]

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Whistleblowers Are The Tip Of The Iceberg

Fraud runs silent, and it runs deep. In 2012, Whispli CEO, Sylvain Mansotte, was working in the procurement department of Leighton Contractors, one of the world’s largest construction, mining and engineering contractors.  It was here that Sylvain uncovered a fraud, committed by a senior finance executive, to the value of $20.7 million. During his subsequent […]