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Countries from around the world are putting forward whistleblowing legislation and increasing regulations to aid whistleblowers. Learn more from our resources and insights about how legislation impacts organisations, what you can do to meet the increased whistleblowing regulations, and how the impact differs across countries. This is especially important for the whistleblower programs for multinational companies that will need to meet the regulatory needs in each country they operate in.

Australia’s Whistleblowing Legislation: 7 Things Businesses Need To Know

Australia Whispli Whistleblower Legislation

There is pending whistleblower legislation in the Australian Parliament providing for a single whistleblower protection regime. This legislation is similar to those passed in other countries like the US and France. The goal is to provide more protection for whistleblowers by better defining these protections and who is protected. Why should you read this article? […]

Is Your Business Ready For The EU-Wide Standards On Whistleblower Protection?

During the past few months, multiple corporate scandals made the headlines, such as LuxLeaks, Dieselgate or Cambridge Analytica. All these revelations have one thing in common: we became aware of them through the voice of individuals who were brave enough to blow the whistle ????. ⤷ As a direct response to these events, the European […]